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Saltspring Island BotaniMed Announces Health Canada Cultivation License

Saltspring Island, British Columbia - February 8, 2019

Saltspring Island BotaniMed Inc. is very pleased to announce it has received a Standard Cannabis Cultivation License from the Licensing and Security Division of Health Canada.

Five Years in the Making

Saltspring Island BotaniMed, founded in 2013, is dedicated to providing certified organic cannabis to the fast-evolving medical cannabis sector. The company’s founders, Marilyn & Chris Schmah, thirty-year residents of Saltspring Island, bring decades of plant-science and hands-on horticultural experience to the project. They’re very excited now to bring their considerable energy and passion to bear on medical cannabis culture and strain research. Chris Schmah says that improving health outcomes for patients was the catalyst for applying for a license more than five years ago.

Saltspring Island Centre of the Organic Universe

Saltspring Island BotaniMed’s focus on organic culture continues the Island’s tradition since the 1960’s as one of Canada’s epicentres of the organic movement. The company aims to marry the Island’s heartbeat of unique individualism, art, crafts, culinary and farming culture with cutting-edge organic technology and research. Saltspring Island BotaniMed looks forward to providing unique employment opportunities while joining the community of Saltspring artisan companies whose brands are known Canada-wide and ’round the world.